Jw & CJ Phillips (1969) Ltd


Quality Wax Fillet for Glass Fibre Moulding Industry 

  • Fits sharpest bends and corners

  • Offers accurate radii with fine edges that merge into patterns or moulds

  • Easily applied without heating using fillet tool of correct size

  • Adheres to bare wood or coated surfaces without adhesives

  • The white wax does not discolour mouldings

  • Ideal for vacuum sealing between mould sections

  • Ideal for sealing or radiusing joint lines or split moulds

  • Can be coated with any recognised pattern finish

  • No waste - small pieces can be easily joined

  • Melting point - Approx 160f

  • Flexibility - A 1/4” radius fillet can be easily formed around a 1/4” mandrel

  • Production time reduced as opposed to using grey plasticine or the harder yellow wax fillet


Suppliers of Sheet Wax & Wax Fillet to the GRP Industry

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